Sandy will be attending the Off Grid Expo in Gympie on the 3rd & 4th of August 2024.

energy healer + reiki Sunrise Beach

About Body and Soul Whispers

Hi, I’m Sandy, owner of Body & Soul Whispers.  I’m an energy healer, based in Noosa on the Sunshine Coast.

I was born in New Zealand to English parents and have an amazing Spiritual Welsh Grandmother, who I have an incredibly strong bond with, despite her living in the UK. Looking back now, at my heritage and growing up always believing and feeling things others did not, I can see my life was always meant to take me to a place where I would start this journey of helping others to heal, awaken and find their own true path.

I of course, had to go through life’s ups and downs first, including a move to Australia on my own, the passing of my caring and beautiful mum and then having to live with chronic pain for many years, all of this, plus more, provided me with the experience and knowledge I needed and ultimately bought me to a place where I would finally realise what it was, that would bring me true healing, mind, body and soul. Once this became clear, I just sensed and felt exactly what was right for me and things just started to flow.

I started with Reiki level one and absolutely loved it, the more training and practice I did, the clearer things became in my life and things began to shift easily, I continued my training, and achieved my certification in Reiki level two and Reiki Masters. By the time I had completed all three levels, it was like a light had turned on inside me again and I stepped fully into a way of life that I had long forgotten.

My next step was to seek out a true spiritual mentor that I could learn from and work with. Once I put this thought out into the universe, I was incredibly fortunate to have the perfect teacher appear in front of me, and she guided me back to spirit and reminded me of things that my soul knew to be true. I now have the most amazing spiritual team working with me, each and every day, bringing not only healing to my life, but to the lives of many others.

In between many, many spiritual workshops, with more still to come, I also went on to complete my training in Access Consciousness Bars and then Pellowah. While learning all of these wonderful modalities I was incredibly blessed to receive regular treatments using all of these healing techniques, so I could continue to clear my own trauma’s and limiting beliefs.

My next series of workshops and I’m sure it will not end there, was the Australian Bush Flower Essences, something I was immediately drawn to, I just knew deep down I had to add these amazing flowers to my growing list of modalities, not only for my friends and clients, but also to support myself while I continue my own journey of discovery and change.

After treating many friends and going along to countless swap days with other practitioners I knew, it was time for me to offer my skills and knowledge to other people wanting to change and live their best life, so Body & Soul Whispers was born.

I absolutely love what I do, I’m passionate about empowering my clients in a safe and supportive environment to discover they too can heal. It continually brings me joy to watch clients step into their own knowing, so they can make the changes necessary, be it big or small, to transform their lives, to finally have a deeper connection to themselves and others. There is nothing greater than realising that you have the answers, I just help you lift the layers, so you can hear those answers for yourself.

I offer a range of energy and vibrational healing treatments in Noosa. Private sessions are available either in person at Sunrise Beach, or by distance healing anywhere in the world.

Sandy's qualifications

Reiki, Master
Pellowah, Level Two
Australian Bush Flower Essences, Level Two
Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner Qualification
Spiritual Healer, Level Two

Professional Memberships

Member of the International Institute of Complementary Therapies
Member of the Australian Spiritual Healers Association