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Access Consciousness Bars treatment sunrise beach

Access Consciousness Bars

What are Access Bars®:

The Bars® is the foundation of Access and was created by Access Consciousness® founder Gary Douglas.

The Bars are 32 points on the head, these points store all the thoughts, emotions, ideas and beliefs that you have ever had about anything. By gently touching these points, it allows the body to effortlessly release anything that is no longer serving you.

How the Bars® Work:​

Each Bars point relates to a different area of your life, some of these include; healing, peace and calm, awareness, creativity, joy, money and control to name just a few. By having your bars run it clears the fixed point of view you have in these areas of your life and allows for new energy to flow through, which enables something different to show up in your life with ease.

All of the thoughts and emotions that happen in everyday life that keep you stuck, repeating the same old patterns over and over again are finally released.

You become more present and aware in your life, this is when you begin to see the new possibilities opening up and have the true knowing within yourself that you can make the necessary changes in your life that will make you happier than you ever thought possible.

What to expect in a treatment?

Access Bars® is all about being able to receive, it is a gentle, relaxing and deeply calming therapy.

Access is a hands-on treatment, with the client staying fully clothed, usually lying down on a massage table, although it can be done with the client sitting in a chair if required. I start the treatment by getting the energy moving, this is done by touching lightly on the head, palms and feet and then I move back to the head to run the full 32 bars for the remainder of the treatment.

Your brain waves slow during a Bars treatment, this enables old patterns and beliefs to be accessed and then cleared. In most cases clients often become so relaxed, they fall asleep or go into a mediative state.​

What are the benefits:

Having your Bars run has a beneficial effect on many health and wellbeing concerns. You can feel happier, more balanced as you get rid of your limitations and judgements. You begin to see that life is full of choices and have an internal knowing that you are able to make the right choices for yourself, to live the best life possible, with total Ease and Joy.

Other benefits of Access Bars®

  • Less Stress and anxiety
  • Begin to receive everything easily
  • More clarity and certainty
  • Quiet the talk in your head
  • Peaceful & restful sleep
  • Feeling of empowerment
  • Enables better focus & attention
  • Create new patterns in your life
  • Changes in addictive behavioural patterns
  • Eases body movements
  • Situations don’t bother you like they used to
  • Plus, so many more…