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Spiritual Healing

What is Spiritual Healing:

Spiritual healing is an ancient therapy, which has been used throughout history by various religions and cultures for many, many centuries. Throughout the ages, this type of healing has not been confined to a particular faith, class, or nation and continues to be used around the world today.

Spiritual healing is a technique used to assist the mind, body, and spirit to align itself back into a balanced state of wellbeing on all levels.
The spiritual aspect relates to deep spiritual energy that works on the core of who we truly are, not just the human body we are inhabiting at this time.

How does Spiritual Healing Work:

There are two different kinds of Spiritual Healing, one being in person, face to face contact between the healer and the client and the second via distance or absentee healing. Both methods are extremely effective and use the same technique to deliver healing to the person requiring the treatment.

Spiritual healing works by using the healer as a channel or instrument for the Universal or Divine Source Energies to flow through when they are engaged in this type of work, whether it be contact healing or distance healing.

This type of healing promotes self-healing by relaxing the body, releases stress, anxiety and can help one lift some of the heaviness they feel around their life and in the world. When this is done, people can see things differently and clearly, new paths open up and things begin to flow easily.

Over the last few years, I have been extremely fortunate to work with a well-known Spiritual Medium and have completed many workshops and meditation days under her care. Over time I have been able to grow my connection with Spirit to the point where I have my own team of guides and healers who come through when I am working with my clients. I feel incredibly blessed to have them walk with me each and every day and to have complete confidence in who I am working with and know that they will give my clients exactly what they need when they come in to see me.

What to expect in a Spiritual Healing treatment:

Spiritual Healing is a hands-on treatment, the client stays fully clothed and is usually lying down on a massage table. Once the client is comfortable, I connect into the energy of my Healing and Protection Guides and place my hands either on or above the body. With this type of healing, I am guided where to go around the clients body
and how long to stay in each location.

People usually experience feelings of warmth, tingling and a deep sense of relaxation, a lot of my clients drift in and out of consciousness and many see colours and images during this time.

Before starting any treatment, I gather plenty of information about each client and what areas they feel are the most important for them to heal. This helps me when I am being guided around the table, however, as this is a Spiritual Healing, I find that Spirit knows best, and they will send the healing where they feel it needs to go first.

What are the benefits of Spiritual Healing:

Spiritual Healing can have amazing effects on a wide variety of health and wellbeing concerns, not only within the physical body, but can also assist us with many of the mental and emotional concerns that are arising for many individuals at this time.

People who receive regular Spiritual Healings over a period of time usually feel a sense of calmness and freedom in their lives. Things that used to worry them before, seem to drop away, the way their bodies and minds operate changes, the lens that they used to view the world through shifts and things become clearer and their life direction more certain.

Other benefits of Spiritual Healing:

  • Promotes better sleep
  • Releases unhelpful thoughts and beliefs
  • Helps when recovering from Illness and Injury
  • Raises the vibrational energy of the body
  • Brings Chakras back into balance
  • Helps clear the 7 layers of the Auric field
  • Brings a sense of peace and calmness
  • Helps relieve stress and depression
  • Supports the body to naturally heal itself
  • Shifts awareness in the world around us
  • Enhances spiritual growth and understanding