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Essential Oils

What are Essential Oils:

If you have ever appreciated the calming scent of Lavender, or the enchanting fragrance of Jasmine, you have experienced the aromatic qualities of essential oils. Essential oils are highly concentrated plant extracts, found in flowers, stems, bark, wood, fruits and other parts of various plants. When the plants aromatic properties are extracted for purity, potency and effectiveness, they become a powerful tool to be used for maintaining your family’s health and wellbeing.

There are a few different ways to extract the essential oils from the plant, the most common method is through steam distillation, but expression and solvent extractions are also used. The part of the plant used for the essential oils are different depending on the oil, but generally it is the most aromatic section of the plant, citrus oils come from the rind of the fruit, while jasmine comes from the tiny white petals of the plant.

So much of our day to day lives are filled with products that are full of artificial chemicals. These unnatural products often weigh us down and can negatively influence how we think and feel. Pure essential oils offer an alternative to many of our everyday products, including personal care and cleaning products, as well as being extremely useful in helping you physically, mentally and emotionally throughout your day.

Because essential oils are naturally occurring, each bottle of oil is extremely potent, on average up to 50 – 70 times more powerful than herbs, which means a couple of drops goes a long way. Due to the fact that essential oils are so concentrated, they are predominately diluted with a carrier oil like coconut oil, jojoba or sweet almond oil before being used. They should never be applied to the skin in an undiluted form, this can lead to skin irritations and sensitivities to the oils.

Essential Oils can be used in a wide range of applications, they can be used either with just a single oil at a time, or a mix of several different oils blended together. The two methods I personally use to apply my essential oils are aromatically, using a diffuser, or smelling from the bottle, or topically, which allows the oils to be absorbed through the skin.

So why doTERRA:

I spent many weeks researching which brand of essential oils I felt, would suit not only myself, but also be of benefit to my clients. Finally, I decided on doTERRA and honestly I’ve never looked back. I knew I would be using them daily and wanted oils that I could trust to be safe, effective and pure. I also wanted each essential oil that I purchased to be responsibly and sustainably sourced.

doTERRA works to make sure that their plants are grown in ideal conditions, different plants need different temperatures, amounts of sunlight each day, certain nutrients and growth times in order for them to grow into a healthy plant. In order for this to happen, doTERRA sources its oils from over 45 different countries, which results in their plants being grown in their native environments.

To ensure that every bottle of doTERRA essential oil is pure and free from synthetic ingredients or harmful contaminants, doTERRA created its own testing protocols, calling them the Certified Pure Tested Grade® (CPTG). This process consists of a meticulous examination of every batch of essential oils, along with third-party testing to guarantee transparency.

How do I use Essentials Oils with Clients:

Each one of my clients is different, some love the smell of certain oils, and dislike others. Certain clients require a calming oil like Lavender or Vetiver to be diffusing in the room or used topically on their wrists during their treatments and a few clients (not many) don’t want the oils to be used at all. So, it is completely up to every client how much I do or do not use the oils while they are here.

I do have many of the popular oils available for purchase when you have finished your treatment, and I also have most of the doTERRA essential oil range here for you to smell, if there is one or two that you would like that and I don’t have them in stock for purchase, I can easily order them in for you.

If you feel you would use the oils on a daily basis and would like to start your collection of these amazing oils, the most cost effective way to purchase them is to open a wholesale account. This offers you the greatest saving and opens up extras like free products, β€˜buy one get one free’ weeks and you will save 25% off everything you buy. If you are interested, please let me know when booking, so I can allow additional time to speak to you after your treatment.