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Pellowah Treatment

What is Pellowah:

The name Pellowah is an angelic word meaning “Radical Shift in Consciousness”. Pellowah is a high vibrational frequency energy that enables us to make an energetic shift. The Pellowah energy was first channeled by Australian Spiritual teacher Kachina Ma’an in 2003 and the primary reason for being channelled at this particular time is to awaken the consciousness of humanity.

Pellowah was not brought through as a healing technique, but as a tool for enlightenment. The healing effects obtained are a by-product of the shift in consciousness, which leads to a new expanded perception, understanding and awareness in life. 

How does Pellowah work:

Pellowah works by connecting the 12 strands of DNA in the body, by connecting all 12 strands they are then ready for activation. Pellowah also unblocks and realigns all of the meridians, giving a feeling of connection and well-being, these changes can last from two days to a week and actually seem to get stronger with time. The growth and expansion brought on by Pellowah allows a person to build on their old frameworks without the trauma, they become more objective, allowing for different perspectives, this allows for better choices within their lives.

Each strand of DNA holds a specific string of awareness, as we become more conscious and learn to connect and activate these strands, we are able to achieve a greater sense of empowerment, inner peace and direction. We become aware that something was missing before and now have the understanding within ourselves to access our hidden knowledge, this changes the way we see and interact with the world and the people around us. Pellowah activates us, so we can generate or create the light from within and the confidence to let it shine for everyone to see.

What are these 12 strands of DNA:

If you can imagine that your body is like a large house with 12 rooms, during the construction of your house you were only able to have 3 rooms connected with electricity instead of the full 12 rooms, with only 3 rooms connected you can only meet your most basic needs. As time moves on, you outgrow these 3 rooms and you realise you need an electrician to wire up the other 9 rooms. Pellowah is the electrician that wires up these final rooms for you, this is the connection of the 12 strands of DNA.

Once all your rooms are connected with electricity, it is then up to you to find your way to switch on the lights, this will then show you what is in each of the different rooms, this process is the activation of the DNA. There are many ways to find the light switches, Pellowah is only one of them, but as you become more aware and confident within yourself, you will find the way forward and all of your lights will turn on and you will have access to everything in your house. From that point on, nothing will be hidden and you will have unlimited potential.

What to expect in a Pellowah Treatment:​

Pellowah is all about flow, the practitioner moves their hands above the client’s body channelling the Pellowah energy, their hands are guided where they need to go, the energy works on all levels of the body, going to where it is needed most.

Pellowah treatments do not involve touch, the client stays fully clothed, usually lying down on a massage table in a comfortable position. I start the treatment by calling in the Pellowah energy and then my hands will move and glide through the client’s energy field right around the whole body.

A client will often become so relaxed they may fall asleep, quite often within the first five minutes of treatment, other sensations like tingling, a floating feeling, twitching, or a rumbling stomach are all extremely common. Some clients don’t feel much at all, just a sense of peace and relaxation, this is ok too, regardless of what you physically feel, the Pellowah energy will still be working, Pellowah works on a spiritual level first, so is quite different from a lot of the other hands on modalities, it doesn’t mean it isn’t as powerful, just an alternative way of healing.​

What are the benefits of Pellowah:

Each Pellowah session is different. Pellowah helps the client build new pathways to consciousness and awareness within themselves. You have less fear, you feel calmer, more centred and at peace within the world. Pellowah enables you to overcome the roadblocks of self-doubt and helps clear your mind, so you can find the answers that are right for you.

Pellowah works particularly well on deep emotional issues and past traumas, which may be the underlying cause of many physical injuries and illnesses. It also works well on people who are constantly on the go, those who can’t seem to switch off or slow down, it helps give them a sense of perspective and peace and allows them to take stock and enables them to see that things need to change.​

Other benefits of Pellowah:

  • Reduces the fear of the unknown
  • Helps with disconnection
  • Empowers you to take charge of your life
  • Assists with personal & Spiritual expansion
  • Greater feeling of inner peace and confidence
  • Improves intuition
  • Generates new and expanded perspectives